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  A-Tec Computer is your lower-cost alternative to larger computer stores' service centers.  I provide quick service and genuine personal attention to your computing needs.  My specialties are in residential issues, but I also respond to commercial requests.

Areas of service include Nicholasville, Lexington, Versailles, Richmond, Georgetown, Danville, Lancaster and nearby Kentucky communities.


Poweliks: An outbreak of non-detectable malware...

This specific piece of malware has the frightening potential to do anything because there are no other indications that something is wrong aside from crawling Internet speeds, a maxed-out CPU, and programs hanging or crashing.  It seems to be programmed to allow the transmission of data to and from other IP addresses. 
Click here to find out if you may be infected.  Call me for removal or if you are not sure.

Windows 8: Training and Solutions...

New computers are now being shipped with Windows 8 and let's just say that it's different than what you are used to.  If you want it to look like Windows 7, I can set it up and configure it so that it is very much like the operating system that you already know how to use.  Check out my Windows 8 page.

CryptoLocker: Worse than a classic virus...

Cryptolocker and its variants are a type of ransomware that encrypts/corrupts your files.  Currently, there is no cure to regain access to your encrypted files besides paying the ransom.  The malware can be removed but removal should not be attempted if you intend to pay the authors the ransom they are asking.  There are passive and proactive protection solutions. 
Read more.

Comprehensive Computer Services
A-Tec offers reasonably-priced solutions to a multitude of computing and technology issues.  I have a creative can-do attitude but at the same time, I can also see the last domino fall and will recognize early on when a repair may involve more money than the issue is worth.

My diagnosis is free (less travel) and I realize that this policy does not always generate immediate business, but my strong business ethic is to honestly advise potential customers based on what I would do if it were my issue.  Sometimes it's better to cut your losses and NOT repair a computer.  I will give you some possible repair options and then advise you on what I would do.

Virus / malware removal is a specialty
Expert malware / virus removal including the FBI Virus.  PLEASE do not purchase a money card as instructed by this malware variant - you will lose your money.  Call me instead.

Malware infections typically begin online with fake warning pop-ups followed by fake virus scanning windows.  Interacting with either can cause the installation of malicious files and system changes that bring automatic web page redirects, more false virus warnings, loss of Internet connection, etc..

Before attempting to repair a malware infection on your own, please read this warning note.  I use my own systematic technique which succeeds without data loss, file damage or system changes where others may tell you a reformat/reinstall is necessary.  I can usually completely reverse even the worst infection during a house-call which is the same rate as a pickup & return.

Click here for my rates and also read about my malware removal procedure.





Professionally Certified,
Insured, and Licensed

Drop-off, on-site, and remote service

  • Malware / Virus Removal
  • Hardware / Software Glitches
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • System Upgrades
  • Network Setup / Troubleshooting
  • Windows Reinstallations
  • New System Set-up
  • Instruction / Tutoring


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