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Windows 11
If you have purchased a new computer recently it most likely came with Windows 11.

Why did Microsoft change Windows?
Windows 11 was developed to run leaner apps in addition to desktop programs.  Many machines are cooler-running and at the same time come with faster hardware.  Less heat is good.  Running faster on more efficient processors means longer battery life between charges.  It's a win.

Windows 11 Desktop

Windows 10 Desktop

My Windows Solutions

First - if you not familiar with the Windows start menu, I can show you around and take the mystery out of working your computer.  You don't have to be in the dark and it's actually easy once I explain it and have you click around.  This is your computer and you need to know where your things are.  People are learning it from me and enjoying their computer more once the mystery is removed.

setup by A-Tec Computer:

  • I will update your Windows installation fully - I know how to force updates and unstick stuck updates.
  • If desired, convert the user account to a Local account instead of a Microsoft account (you don't HAVE to have a password).
  • Demonstrate the differences between the Internet browsers, suggest a default browser based on your history and needs, configure it, bring over your Bookmarks/Favorites, and train you on it.
  • Suggest and set up the best email solution for you.
  • Install a more useful file decompression utility.
  • Install necessary desktop software and configure the system so that common files (images, documents) open with more functional applications instead of the default Windows apps.
  • Instruct the user on their system including Start Menu and Desktop configuration.
  • Remove bloat-ware, disable unneeded add-ons, tasks and auto-start programs which will speed up your system.
  • Turn off the resource-hogging, system-slowing tips, analytics, biometrics, and telemetry (spying, tracking, marketing) features of Windows.

Call me today if you are dissatisfied with your new Windows computer and if it is not living up to expectations.  I can speed it up, make it snappy and teach you some simple configuration and maintenance skills.



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