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  Computer Services:
  • Diagnoses & Repairs
  • Windows 10 upgrades, training, setup, modifications
  • Solutions for poor wireless coverage
  • Virus, Spyware, Malware, Root-kit Removal
  • New Computer Setup
  • Boot Failure Repairs
  • Laptop LCD Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Power Jack and Keyboard Repair
  • Operating System Optimization (computer speed-up)
  • Computer Updates and Cleanup
  • Operating System Reinstallation
  • Operating System Recovery
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Hard Drive Replacement / Up-sizing / Cloning
  • Printer Setup / Installation / Troubleshooting
  • Software Installations / Troubleshooting (QuickBooks, etc.)
  • Data Backup / Transfer
  • Password Recovery / Reset
  • Lost Data and File Recovery
  • Dust Removal / Physical Cleaning
  • Network / Wireless Setup & Troubleshooting
  • HDTV / NetFlix Setup
  • Instruction, Education
  • General Computer-Related Help (examples):
    • Laptop won't connect to my wireless router.
    • No one can hear me on Skype.
    • Computer is slow.
    • Printer has stopped working.
    • I can't scan to a PDF.
    • What's a PDF?
    • My drive is full.
    • The system is telling me I'm low on "virtual memory".
    • Internet provider says everything's OK on their end but I can't get online.
    • There's no sound.
    • My volume icon is gone.
    • What happened to my menu bar in Microsoft Word?
    • My media player no longer works.
    • What products do you recommend?
    • How can I get rid of these tool bars that are on my Internet Explorer browser?







Full time service availability - I am always on-call.  I am usually available on short notice anytime during the weekdays, evenings, most weekends and even most holidays.  Your emergency is my emergency.



My service area is the Jessamine, Fayette, Woodford, Madison, Scott, and Boyle county region in Kentucky but I can travel farther within reason.  Out-of-area house-call/pickup rates for areas not shown below are based on mileage and I'll tell you the charge beforehand.

My ultimate goal is resolving your issues for a reasonable fee.  One-hour rates are simple so you know what you will pay going in: 


House-call / pick up, repair, and return You drop off and pick up
Jessamine $70


Fayette $80
Madison $95
Woodford $95
Garrard / Boyle $90
Scott $95

Above rates are labor only, for the first hour. After the first hour, $30 per half hour applies.  Parts are extra.

Here are just a few common issues which would likely fall in the fee range outlined above:

  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Operating System Repair
  • System Cleanup / Tune-up / Optimization
  • Software Glitches
  • Hardware Problems (printer, wireless router)
  • Internal case cleaning / dust removal
  • CD/DVD burner replacement (rate plus parts)
  • Fan or power supply replacement in desktop PC (rate plus parts)
  • Upgrade such as a video or sound card in desktop PC (rate plus parts)
A discount applies for multiple issues. Put together a list of things you want done and I'll give you a quote. It will be very reasonable.  Issues requiring laptop disassembly require an additional fee.

If an issue can be solved by me accessing your desktop using secure remote-desktop software, the charge is $30 per half-hour.

Windows Installations:

Because of the time and attention required to install/reinstall Windows, I have a 2-tier operating system installation fee structure for the two installation levels I offer.  Pricing for Windows re-installations is contingent on your computer having a Microsoft Windows sticker with valid serial key, an accessible manufacturers' recovery partition on your hard drive, or a Windows 10 activation key associated with your Microsoft account.  I can help determine this for you.

  • The Basic Windows Install (normally, price is included in the base repair rate - see pricing table above)

    This is a basic Windows installation similar to what you would see on a new machine. Except that it's "clean". No extra software, no trial programs that expire, nothing to bug you to pay more.  The "Basic Install" is geared toward those that don't mind finishing up with Windows Updates and tweaking their own system. This install is "no-frills" and will require updates and necessary plugins like Adobe Flash.


    • Install Windows and correct hardware drivers - audio, graphics, Ethernet, wireless if applicable.
    • Optimize files/file structure on operating system drive
  • My Complete Windows Install: "The Works" (add $35 to base rate)

    I'm an expert at Windows installations.  I do not use "cookie-cutter" images because every computer has a different set of hardware components.  Both Windows 7 and 10 need to be updated properly preferably before other software is installed.

    I know what is needed on a day-to-day basis by most of us. I also know how to tweak an installation so Windows starts up fast and reacts snappy.  Most importantly, I know how to configure Windows 10 so that the "good" things remain running and the "bad" things are disabled from the start.

    My installation service that I call "The Works" is a reinstall or OS reset where your operating system is fully updated, optimized, main start menu customized, and includes software that people will need but when they do need it, they don't know what they need or where to get it.

    This complete setup means your computer will be ready for the real world.  All add-ons will already be installed so that all web sites work properly, No decisions will need to be made later and your computer will already know how to handle the files normally encountered.

    If I quote you a house-call / pick-up rate, this service will include a complete set-up including your printer.

New Computer Setup:

An important and unique service I offer is the New Computer Setup.  Before you pay extra at the checkout, give an online company a credit card number to activate an anti-virus, purchase a maintenance plan or a reoccurring backup service for your new computer, consider letting me show you how to avoid additional expenses.

After this service, your computer will be safer, will already know how to open commonly encountered files, and you will have an increased knowledge about your system and will be more self-sufficient and confident.  You will also own a computer that will run faster for a longer period of time.

My New Computer Setup service is charged $35 plus the base rate.  Here's what it includes and if onsite, I will explain things as I go along:

  • If desired, I will configure Windows 10 to look and behave more like Windows 7.
  • Update the operating system to the most recent build.
  • Remove unneeded "old" operating system files which can save 5-20GB of hard disk space.
  • Remove and/or disable the "nag-ware" and "bloat-ware" and the associated pop-ups that come installed on most new computers.
  • De-clutter your desktop of unneeded icons and add the ones you need.
  • Remove the soon-to-expire trial software (anti-virus, word-processing, etc.) and install better or equal offerings which are free.
  • Disable unneeded background programs which can slow down your system.
  • Install several of my favorite applications to make your life easier and your computer "smarter".
  • Review your email situation and offer recommendations if needed.
  • Teach you about your system if desired:
    • Windows 10 menu, settings, and navigation
    • Data backup: why, what and how
    • System maintenance
    • Printing and scanning
    • Proactive and defensive protection from malware and viruses
    • Any other questions you may have

For someone that has invested into a new Windows 10 machine but is unfamiliar with it, this is money well spent and will mean night and day difference in performance.



House Calls:

Many quick-fixes can be done on-site in your home or business.  Total for an on-site call lasting 1-hour or less is the same as pickup/return service - Jessamine County is $70, Fayette is $80, and Madison and Woodford are $90.

Time-consuming on-site solutions like complete system setup, large data transfers, time-consuming issues, or operations on slow-running systems are charged the regular fee plus $30 per half hour after the 1st hour - I will be able to tell if more time is required and you can make the decision beforehand . Virus removal, system optimization, or basic networking setups usually fall in the one-hour rate.  A total reinstall of Windows will take longer and should be done in my shop.

Estimates I offer will be honored. I only charge cost for parts needed - there is never a markup on parts and my work is guaranteed - if I can't fix it, you don't pay.  Call me for a quote on anything not listed above.

Fill out my CONTACT FORM -- (click here)-- to reach me.

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