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Windows 10

If you have purchased a new computer recently, it most likely came with Windows 10.  Like it or not, this is the new Windows.  One big problem with Windows 10 is that some people still like the familiar Start Button menus of XP and 7.  Many users who were comfortable with XP and 7 are now forced to navigate differently with 10 which among other things, has some of its program shortcuts and configuration features in different places.

In response to this need, I've learned some configuration changes that will make Win10 look and behave like older versions of Windows.

Why did Microsoft change Windows?
Things change.  Windows 10 was developed to run leaner apps in addition to desktop programs.  People are buying smaller tablets with touch screens and Windows 10 in Tablet Mode can facilitate the operation of these new devices.

Windows 10 can run on faster on more efficient processors which means longer battery life between charges.  Microsoft's new "Edge" browser shows promise as a problem-free replacement for Internet Explorer.

I believe Windows 10 is an improvement in an ever-changing tech world but the transition to Windows 10 might be daunting for many.  This is where I come in.


Windows 10 Desktop with default Start Menu

Windows 10 Desktop with "Windows 7 Style" Start Menu

My Windows 10 Solutions

First - if you prefer the default Windows 10 start menu, more power to you.  If you want to learn about the new changes and adapt, I can show you how. It's easy to catch on and you might prefer it once the mystery is removed.  People are learning it and many like the new advanced menu.

Instead of Windows 10's default apps (limited function app-style picture viewer, PDF viewer, sound and video player), I prefer a different image viewer, a familiar PDF viewer and I like for Windows Media Player to open audio and video files.  I make these changes unless the owner prefers the apps.

Windows 10
setup by A-Tec Computer:

  • If desired, convert the user account to a Local account instead of a Microsoft account.
  • If desired, add a familiar Windows 7 type Start Menu on the bottom left side so programs and directories can be accessed like Windows 7.  A link to the new Windows 10 menu is also retained and can be quickly accessed if needed.
  • Demonstrate the difference between the two Internet browsers (Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer) and make your desired choice the default browser and configure it to your specifications.  If you like Chrome or Firefox, I'll install those.
  • Install necessary desktop software and configure the system so that common files (images, music, videos, documents) open with appropriate more functional Desktop programs instead of the default Windows 10 apps.
  • Test thoroughly to make sure all common file types are handled by Desktop programs and not apps.
  • Instruct the user on their system including Start Menu and Desktop configuration.
  • Remove bloat-ware, disable unneeded add-ons, tasks and auto-start programs which will speed up your system.
  • Turn off the resource-hogging, system-slowing tips, analytics, biometrics, and telemetry (spying, tracking, marketing) features of Windows 10.

Call me today if you are dissatisfied with your new Windows 10 computer.  I can get you back to something that looks familiar and put things as they should be.



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